Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence will be as good or bad as the training it learns to predict based on past experience (training data) If today's internet is it's training data which it most probably is.. imagine the result. Let me know your thoughts.


Accepting pieces of advice from elders and old folks helps them by making them feel powerful and less dependant, a sense of being useful and as a result, mental and physical well-being. This can be seen in ancient cultures primarily as the above facts were known through generations of experience. What are your thoughts ? … Continue reading Advice


My 10 year old cousin brother was standing near the lobby waiting for the lift. I had just arrived after a long 24 hour flight from the other side of the globe. I went to the boy and asked if he remembered what we talked about yesterday about his grown up children and their family … Continue reading Conundrum


The meaning of experience is mostly superficially dealt with. There is a much deeper meaning which we ignore to understand like of most things that crosses our path. True experience happens only when three different things become one. They are -- that which is seen, that which helps to see and the individual who sees. … Continue reading Experience

Permanent things

Any thing that is born can not be permanent as it will disintegrate over time. Materials which we know, discover all cannot be everlasting, Morden science has not discovered or shown us anything till date that can be described as permanent. Time or duration of existence may vary but still nothing permanent.. There should be … Continue reading Permanent things


How can one search when one is not aware of what is to be searched for.. but somehow many follow and search things when it's based on someone else's experience or beliefs... And that person's reality, state of mind, body etc is completely unique... Searching without knowing oneself is like searching in the dark for … Continue reading Search


When will there be relief.... How much more to wait... When will things become normal... When will happiness return... When will there be love and laughter... when will there be peace at heart...


What is more enjoyable? A feast after a tiring and arduous journey or a morning breakfast after a good night of sleep. Obtaining something after ruminating over on the pros and cons or gruelling mental processes, over the aspects of need and want... Things look quite different as Time plays a big role. Good things … Continue reading Reward


There are many highly valuable items scattered throughout the history. But only a very few gets discovered. When one realises the value of the things discovered one can only be in awe and at the same time feel lost as so many others got distroyed or never found. That which stands the test of time … Continue reading Treasures


All rich and famous are not intelligent. All intelligent are not rich and famous. All who have committed crime are not behind bars. All who are behind bars have not committed crime. All who are successful are not because of hardwork. All who do hardwork are not successful. All that is enticing is not always … Continue reading Enigma