Most of humanity follows what they believe in. A handful of people follow what they KNOW (not due to mental disorders or instabilities..) and don't have to believe in their existence. Are you a believer or are you a knower who is already aware. Let me know your thoughts...


Everything and everyone are here for a purpose. Just because one fails to comprehend this does nothing to change the prescribed course.. Thinking and feeling one is better and/or more important/significant than the rest is more ignorant than ignorance itself.. Once one completes the purpose there is no way to extend and the cycle to … Continue reading Purpose


Whenever one is talking/engaging with a stranger now-a-days, cellphones are hiding their face with record button pressed. Great human progress... 😀😁😀 Let me know your thoughts...


Most of the time, the reason for anger is some form of helplessness or inability. If one is not angry on someone or something, then either they completely don't care or they agree with someone or something. Anger is one of the basic instincts inbuilt to react to something or some situation. How one uses … Continue reading Anger

Permanance – revisited

We all will be gone one day.. all living things will be stop living after their prescribed time. It's a very obvious fact and all know this.. Why is it most of us are acting and behaving as though they are not aware of this? Let me know your thoughts.

Mind broadening

Mind can not broaden when there is selfishness Selfishness can not go till there is greediness Greediness can not go until there is fear Fear will not go until there is no strength Strength of mind and heart can not evolve if there is no love and empathy. It is a cycle.... If you get … Continue reading Mind broadening

Modern Technology

"Science" helps us understand how things are/work. Trying to understand if there is any "modern technology" with out "side effects" till now though... Let me know your thoughts...


What is it that and/or why do you like/not like my writing.. Your Feedback will help me a great deal.. Thanks!!!


When we have very less knowledge, we tend to be happy... When we gain a little more we start to teach.. When it increases a bit more, we start to preach and write books... with a feeling to share our knowledge with others... Not knowing how it will reach and be understood depending on the … Continue reading Knowledge


Anything born will die The only thing permanent is change and impermanence... One accumulates/integrates, lives, and finally de-accumulates/disintegrates back to its basic elements. All are aware of this... But then why the concept or word permanance... Is it not for material things... Yes some materials stay longer, much longer than others but surely they will … Continue reading Permanance