Rambling Things

Language is quite a tricky thing to understand.

do we need language to understand ?

what if we do not know how to communicate using a language.. would we not have been effective in surviving. We have survived even before any proper language so that can not be true.. but is language required for living instead of surviving ? that might be true..

What is the state if we did not have a language.. did we not survive.. may be through instincts .. or was it like we know how we felt but we could not communicate(Rambling Things) that feeling to another individual

Was it only that or was it that we could not communicate it to ourselves. I will leave it there..

What does language communicate ? Language does not communicate anything but is a tool to communicate our emotions, feelings of the entities that interact with us.

When we talk of entities it can be broadly classified as things..

Things can be defined by their attributes or is it the reverse now a days..

Does things have attributes or does attributes define a thing.

In any case to communicate we need to identify a thing using a name which would be one of the predominant attributes.

So language helped us name all the things around us and that which we interact with.

Once we were able to name things we can remember named entities more clearly for future reference and also to build our memories more clearly to use later for analysis and to ruminate on them and also to use it to communicate with other individuals

so are all languages spoken ? what about non verbal languages or languages which our face and body or mind expresses which drives home powerful emotions without uttering a word.

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