Time and Space

Name and/or Form of all the things around us is very easy to comprehend.

This awareness is true to some degree for all living and non living things.

For a Form to exist, there would be a requirement of space.

A space which can or cannot be understood by other entities.

For this Entity and for the space it occupies, it would consume a period of time – from when it originated and integrated to form the “Form” with a name, to when it disintegrated and dissolved its Name and Form.

But is this period a linear entity which can be given a name as Time ? We have given it a linear angle as per our view and convenience.

Since everything that we perceive happens regularly (integration or disintegration) within a defined space, is it just for convenience that we define Time as linear?

If this is true, then as we travel from point a to point b in space then would it be logical to conclude the same for Time.

Shouldn’t we be able to go to past and future just by travelling the linear time – if that is as straight forward as that?

The complexities would grow for each such traveler tremendously by the mere travel.

Do we need to open our horizons and get out of thought of linearity ? or will the theory of the Time Dimension be appropriate.

If its not in our dimension then there is no way for us to comprehend it and we should not be wasting time to analyse it, sitting in our dimension and thinking about the possibilities of traveling to newer dimensions.

But we do feel we are subjected to Time, so, ideally it should be in our own dimension.



9 thoughts on “Time and Space

  1. Interesting thoughts.
    Imagine a 2d flat organism. For it, there is only back and forth. The third dimension is a myth and mystery to it.
    So is time for us.
    Only with mental evolution can we become capable of comprehending it.


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