When to write

When does one feel the need to write ?

What pushes to put ones thoughts to make the effort to write for others to read ?

Poetry  — as a poet once mentioned (not the exact words..) is like a child which will be forced out when the pregnancy is complete

writing prose or pouring out thoughts might also follow the same route. Once the idea is ideally matured and wants to roam the world it comes out to face the world !!!

The longevity of the words and the way it is perceived determines the maturity of the perciver and the time and place of the percived. The kind of reactions the word produces will be a good way to  Judege both the strengths of the word and the one who reads it.

Anything that takes a form of a word has a right to live and stay alive for its life’s period

Once out it has to live and can not go back and reverse itself. Idea is born, matured, and out .. it needs to face and be accepted by the ones that come in contact with it.


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