Intelligent flourish, extremely intelligent suffer.


Photo by Pixabay on One can only try to understand another person’s feelings intellectually or compare it with what one has personally experienced but can never exactly feel what others are undergoing or have underwent in their lives. This becomes an issue as many a time because others’ plight might be received as false … Continue reading Understanding


Natural Teaching

Nature is the perfect teacher! Teaches without uttering a single syllable. Watch as the teachings unfold and learn! Teachings from Nature are continuous and its quite fascinating as all observe but we all learn at different speeds with different intensities and gain knowledge that we deserve! Let me know your thoughts!


Thinking if one should remove the fly and drink the beverage or throw away the beverage is perspective most of us will have than to acknowledge that for the fly its a life or death situation. Point of view matters for perspectives! if all do wrong that does not mean all are right! Point of … Continue reading Perspective


Oppression and War is sign of great immaturity, lack of knowledge, anger, greed due to inability and oppression of fellow living beings purely because of might that will only lead to misery for all! Self protection , self preservation is a whole different story though. Let me know your thoughts


Mismanaged resources will be a burden to all down the line. Let me know your thoughts.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence will be as good or bad as the training it learns to predict based on past experience (training data) If today's internet is it's training data which it most probably is.. imagine the result. Let me know your thoughts.


Accepting pieces of advice from elders and old folks helps them by making them feel powerful and less dependant, a sense of being useful and as a result, mental and physical well-being. This can be seen in ancient cultures primarily as the above facts were known through generations of experience. What are your thoughts ? … Continue reading Advice


My 10 year old cousin brother was standing near the lobby waiting for the lift. I had just arrived after a long 24 hour flight from the other side of the globe. I went to the boy and asked if he remembered what we talked about yesterday about his grown up children and their family … Continue reading Conundrum


The meaning of experience is mostly superficially dealt with. There is a much deeper meaning which we ignore to understand like of most things that crosses our path. True experience happens only when three different things become one. They are -- that which is seen, that which helps to see and the individual who sees. … Continue reading Experience