One can not be idle once taken birth on the physical world. One will be pushed to complete the reason of ones' birth. One will always be in constant and continuous active motion (at all levels, including physical, mental, emotional, intellectual e.t.c). The feeling of idleness is only at the level of the mind which … Continue reading Idle

Need Two to Understand One and later to Feel None!

The world works on duality. One provides, the other receives and will always be equally interchangeable on/at some level constantly like switching polarity. Until this is understood the world would be perceived as many. But this is not the end. Once the basic concept is clear there opens up a new idea of “One”. There … Continue reading Need Two to Understand One and later to Feel None!


Hunger is one of the primal instincts for life sustenance Hunger does not need any language Hunger does not comply to the laws of the land Being hungry, but not knowing when it will end or not clear if it will ever end is True Hunger Hunger is one thing that keeps repeating but once … Continue reading Hunger